What Retail Stores Don’t Want You to Know: Pros of Buying Refurbished Online

It’s a known fact that slowly more and more purchases are being made online. Knowledge is power and more people are discovering how to get the best merchandise at lowest market prices. Large retail stores have been getting away with selling low quality products for extremely inflated prices, simply because people did not have access to a world wide web presenting us with unlimited opportunities.

We did an experiment by visiting local electronic stores to compare prices and products to what is available online. We were amazed to find that many large retailers are not only selling electronics for extremely overinflated prices, but they are also showcasing products that have been long outdated or considered worthless by their online competitors.

We will provide you with real-life examples. We did the research to expose how retail stores sell lower-quality products for much higher prices so that our readers can make educated decisions when it comes to shopping electronics.

Below is the Dell XPS 8900 Desktop (i5-6400), sold at a local retail store.

This PC (on clearance), comes with an 8GB RAM, a 1TB Hard-Drive and a i5-6400 system. Excluding warranty, it is priced at $999.

Let’s look at an example of the same computer sold on other platforms:

Apart from the $400 savings, this computer runs on an upgraded system, (i7-6700).

It is important to look at specs of a PC before purchase. 

The same pattern can be seen if you're in the market for a printer. 

We researched the HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M477fdn. Retail stores get away with selling them for nearly $600 when the same or similar printer can be found for $350 (new) via other platforms.

So Why Buy Refurbished? 

#1 - Greater value!

- A refurbished computer in many cases comes with upgraded and optimized hardware. You get better RAM, faster/bigger storage and all for a lower price. Often customers do not realize that when they buy new from retailer, they are purchasing a system that will be much slower and less adaptive to their needs. 

- In most cases, a fresh install of software is included, apart from all the unnecessary trial version softwares that you get with other in-box systems.

#2 - Price

- Price is really where refurbished gets set apart. Working with computers for many years we noticed that manufacturers purposely place low quality and low size specs on new items to drive down the manufacturing cost while maintaining high prices. When new and refurbished items are compared, the specs on refurbished always blow the new items right out of the water. 

#3 - Warranty

- More often then not, online sellers will include warranty from 90 days to a year for free. Customers are protected with a money back guarantee so they know it is safe to buy. Retailers however, charge hundreds of dollars on any form of protection or performance service.  


We believe that satisfied customers are the best proof:

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